Who We Are

A Fraternity Dedicated to Fun, Fellowship and Philanthropy

Philae Shriners

Based on the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth.

The possibilities for having fun as a Shriner are endless. Philae Shriners has activity-based clubs, units and events that provide ways for members to connect with each other in a fun environment.

A unique aspect of our local chapters is that creativity is encouraged, and if a club for a particular activity doesn’t exist, members are empowered to create one.

We seek to attract men of different backgrounds, career paths, ages and interests, and the unique ideas, beliefs and perspectives they bring to the global Shriners family. Our members are known for their loyalty, camaraderie and their steadfast support of each other, their communities and their philanthropy, Shriners Children’s.

Our backgrounds and interests are diverse but we are bound together by our shared values, have a desire to have fun, do good, and build relationships that can last a lifetime. We bring special talents and skills to make our fraternity a special one.

Philae Shriners Temple is in Halifax and our jurisdiction is in NS and PEI.

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