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Philae Shriners has activity-based clubs, units and events that provide ways for members to connect with each other in a fun environment.

What is your brand of fun? Clowning around? Sports? Playing the bag pipes? How about an interest in brewing? Do enjoy social media?

Maybe, it’s a talent you enjoy sharing or is it lending a helping hand?

Shriners build fun around a central interest and the possibilities are limitless. You are the creator of your experience as a Shriner. Bring your ideas and join in fun with a purpose for the ultimate fellowship.

A unique aspect of our local chapters is that creativity is encouraged, and if a club for a particular activity doesn’t exist, members are empowered to create one.

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President / Boss Clown
Fred Russell
200 Cartier St Sydney, NS B1P 4A8

Brian McKeigan
35 Sangaree Rd., Albert Bridge, NS B1K 2M5

Frank Cathcart
9 Alexandra Street Louisbourg, NS B1C 1A6

Dave Murrant
21 Peach Street Port Morien, NS B1B 1E4

David Langham
1759 Kings Road Sydney, NS B1L 1C5

Emanuel Lange
120 Williams lake Rd Halifax, NS B3P 1T3

William Cleary
30 Keyworth Lane Halifax, NS B3P 2T7

Ill. Sir John Cameron PP
150 Summerfield Way Dartmouth NS

Steve Moore
PO Box 491 Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3Y8

Hermie Parker
3 Albyn Ave., Dartmouth, NS B2W 1V2

Philip Randall
107 Alderney Drive Enfield, NS B2T 1J9

Paddy Lyttle
11 Clysdale Dr. Dartmouth, NS B2W 2P5

Gary Candow
34 Dalhousie Ave Kentville, NS B4N 5E5

Phil Randall
107 Alderney Dr. Enfield, NS B2T 1J9

Harold Morash
unit 404 – 5 Horizon Crt. Dartmouth, NS B3A 0C4

Carson Jackson
6 Oliver Street Beechville, NS B3T 1A2

Glen Roberts
1277 Riverside Drive Lower Sackville, NS B4C 1C2

Ill. Sir Bill Scrymgeour, PP
6316 Yukon Street Halifax, NS B3L 1G1

Ron Chambers
140 Memory Lane Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2J3

Jim Woodley
1859 Shore Road Eastern Passage, NS B3G 1G5

Everald Armstrong
79 Brooks Ave. Dartmouth NS, B2Z 1G1

  • The Oriental Band…is usually the first unit formed by an emerging Temple, Philae being no exception.
  • After WW11 when men were returning from the horrors they witnessed abroad, they chose to add some humour and music to our parades.  We parade to pay back the public for their support.
  • Our Oriental Band has suffered drastically as a result of the “Black Camel” having decimated ourranks.  Our P.P. Fred Jewer, a 55 yr Shriner and lead drummer passed the bar a couple years ago.  Our Musical Director, Noble Ernie Brown, 35+ years to mention a few, recently passed.
  • We have acquired some new members and are attempting to pass on what musical skills we have to ensure the unit continues to exist.
  • We continue to meet at the Philae Shrine Ctr. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7p.m.
  • Come out and enjoy our fellowship. We like to say, “if you can play the radio and count to seven- we can make you an Oriental Bandsman”.  Dues are minimal and we may be able to fit you out with a uniform.  Nobles with trailers and towing ability are strongly needed as our present members are getting too old to march the long parade routes.
    We, along with many units need new Noble’s support.  It is fine to join the Shrine and a Shrine Club but, we need your support in what ever unit ON THE STREET, to thank our public for their support.

Shawn Buchan
PO Box 26012 Moncton, NB E1E 4H9

Ill Sir Rod Robertson, PP
114 – 100 MicMac Blvd. Dartmouth, NS B3A 4L4

If you are interested in having Philae Clowns at your party, picnic or community function please contact the Philae Shrine office at 902-454-7811

We take great pride in our activities. We love to see the joy and wonder on the faces of children as we make balloon animals, try to work our magic or simply act like big kids ourselves. We get up close and personal with those that Shriners cherish most…the KIDS!!

Ill Sir Ken Conrod, PP
2 Lexington Ave. Dartmouth, NS B2X 3L8

Ill Sir Mike Schmid, PP
171 Bramar Dr. Dartmouth, NS B2X 2C2


Meets Quarterly at 12 noon (1st meeting May 17th)

Masonic Hall 18 Queen Street Baddeck, NovaScotia

President: Ill. Sir Shane MacFarlane, PP
Secretary: Bradley MacDonaldTreasurer: Douglas MacAulay

Contact: bradleymacdonald@hotmail.com

Meets the last Wednesday of the month @ 7:30pm
Except December – 3rd Wednesday @ 7:30pm
Do Not Meet July or August

​St. Marks Church Hall 181 Brook Street North Sydney, NS B2A 2K7

President: John Dillon
Secretary: William R. MacLeod
Treasurer: John R. Weatherbee


Meets the 2nd Monday of the month @ 8:00pm
Do Not Meet January or February

President: John Austin
Secretary: Donald Stewart
Treasurer: James MacIntosh

Even Months – Sircom Lodge 110 Main Street Wycocomagh, Nova Scotia

Odd Months – Solomon Lodge Granville Street Port Hawkesbury, NS

Meets 3rd Monday of the month @ 7:30pm
Do Not Meet July, Aug or Dec.

President: Barry Aucoin
Secretary: Gower Fiander
Treasurer:Eugene Adshade

Masonic Hall 143 Pictou Rd. Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 7:30pm
Do Not Meet July or August

President: Darrah (Jr) Reid
Secretary: Trevor Dexter
Treasurer: Ralph LeBlanc

Masonic Hall 20 Lawrence Street Amherst, Nova Scotia

Meets 2nd Friday of the month @ 7:30pm
Do Not Meet January, February, July or August

President: Gary Candow
Secretary: Frank Reinhardt
Treasurer:Roy Martin

Lewis Millett Complex 9489 Commercial Street New Minas, Nova Scotia

​Masonic Temple – Shrine Room
204 Hillsboro St.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Meets 3rd Thursday of the month @ 7:00pm

President: Kevin Llewellyn
Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer:Doug Morton

Meets 1st Wednesday of the month @ 7:30pm
Do Not Meet July or August

President: William MacDonald
Secretary: Peter Kay
Treasurer: Graham MacCallum

​ADE Tri-Lodge Hall 327 Little Harbour Rd. New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 7:00pm
Do Not Meet July and August

President: Kim Conrad
Secretary: Carson Jackson
Treasurer: Kevin Kirkbride

Philae Shrine Temple 3530 Connolly Street Halifax, Nova Scotia

​Mt. Zion Lodge
Victoria St.
Kennsington, Prince Edward Island

Meets 4th Thursday of the month @ 7:00pm

President: Scott Cousins
Secretary: Paul Montgomery
Treasurer: Elmer Newson

Red Oak Shrine Club WEBSITE

Meets the 1st Monday of the Month @ 7:30pm
Do Not Meet January, February and March

Meeting Information:
President: Harry Rhyno  
Vice-President: Jack Kerwin 
Secretary: Bruce Stoddart  
Treasurer: Bob Turner  


Meets the 2nd Thursday of the Month @ 6:30pm
Do Not Meet July or August

President: Ross Taylor
Vice-President: George Moore
Secretary: Ill Sir Ken Wheelans PP
Treasurer: John MacDonald

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7:30pm
Do Not Meet December or January

President: Ronald Walker
Secretary: Rollie Zwicker
Treasurer: Dalton Lease

Kingston Town Hall Kingston, Nova Scotia

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A Fraternity Defined by FUN, Fellowship and Philanthropy

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