Philae Shriners Clown Unit

If you are interested in having Philae Clowns at your party, picnic or community function please contact the Philae Shrine office at 902-454-7811

As Shrine Clowns our mission is simple…to bring a smile to all we meet regardless of age. We have the distinct honour and privilege of being directly involved with the children of our community. Not only the children of fellow Shriners, or the children we entertain during our many parades and community events, but most importantly the children that we serve through our Shrine Hospitals. We take great pride in our activities. We love to see the joy and wonder on the faces of children as we make balloon animals, try to work our magic or simply act like big kids ourselves. We get up close and personal with those that Shriners cherish most…the KIDS!!
As Shrine Clowns we are always working to bring a smile to a Child.
While you may see us in parades, at local community events or otherwise
helping to promote the Shrine, our primary focus is and always will be
the kids at our 22 Shrine Hospitals for Children throughout North America.
We encourage you to learn more about our wonderful hospitals and to contact
the Philae Shrine Office if you know of any child in need of
burn, orthopaedic or spinal cord care.
We are also members of the International Shrine Clown Association (I.S.C.A.)
which established the “Sneaker Fund” for the purpose of raising funds
used directly in research of burn treatments. All of this originated when a Shrine Clown,
on one of his many hospital visits, recognized the need to provide burn patients
entering our hospitals with safe, non-slip footwear that was also hygienic
and prevented static charges which can be so painful to tender burned skin.
The Sneaker Fund was born and through it Shrine Clowns now raise
over a quarter million dollars annually.