SAMSAR is a derivative from the Sanskrit (official language in India) word Saṃsāra which is the repeating cycle of birth, life, death, and re-birth. It is also used to describe one’s actions and consequences in the past, present, and future in Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon, Jainism, Taoism, and Sikhism.

The SAMSAR award was established to encourage membership in our fraternity. It is each Noble’s duty, as stated in the obligation, to replace himself. The Samsar award recognizes those Nobles who have not only replaced themselves once but many times over and have participated in shrine activities to make Philae Shriners and its units and clubs strong.

The SAMSAR Process

Awards are based on points accumulated over a period of years. In order to become a member of Philae Shriners, a petition for membership must be completed, along with two signatures of current members. One is called a top line signer and the other a second line signer. You receive SAMSAR points based on being a top line or a second line signer.75 points – A top line signer on a Shrine petition25 points – A second line signer on a Shrine petition25 points – A top line signer for each Affiliation to Philae Shriners (Completed)25 points – A top line signer for each Reinstatement in Philae Shriners (Completed)


In addition to accumulating points towards your SAMSAR jewel and attachments, you can receive symbols representing the number of petitions you have signed. For your first petition that you signed on the top line, you received 75 points toward your SAMSAR jewel plus a CAMEL lapel pin. For your second petition, you will receive a TASSLE holder for your fez and a jeweled numeral 2 to attach to this tassel holder, representing the fact you were a top line signer on 2 petitions. For each additional shrine petition that you sign on the top line, you received a jeweled numeral representing the number of petitions that you have signed.
NameMemnumribbonjewel1st bar2nd barstar
Ralph Leblanc5358xx   
Ken Conrod5242Yx   
Bruce Cuco5138xx   
Robert Bennett5112xx   
Rev. Vincent Ihasz5067xx   
Issac Gray4460xx   
Kevin Kirkbride5324xxx  
Donald MacKinnon5240xxx  
Doug Morton5132yxx  
Ken Wheelans5129yxx  
John Cameron5115yxx  
Stanley Milne4839 yx  
Harold Morash4795yyx  
Nelson Hurry4722yyx  
George Grant4423 yx  
Chester Wyman yxx  
Shane Buchan4737 yyxx
Sandy Buchan4923 yyyx
James Woodley4506 yyyx
Ron Chambers4224  yyx